11 November 2015

The new boy

Do you remember how you felt when you started school or went to a new school? Our movie shows how Room 24 helped a new boy feel at home. 

21 August 2015

Some descriptions!

This term we are working hard to learn new words and using them too! 

...Do you know what the world's most beautiful bird is? Well, we think it might be this one! Watch our movies and let us know what you think!

By Central
Well done Central and Jayah!
Check our movies to see more!

20 July 2015

Welcome to Term 3!

The year is racing past in it is already Term 3! This term our focus is "Trade & Enterprise":

In Team 2, we are going to make our own ice-cream and sell it! Of course we will need to do some tasting to make sure that it is delicious!!!!!!

Do check out the student blogs because that's where the action takes place!

19 June 2015


We have been reading lots of Maori books this week because it is Matariki! One of the books was The Old Women and the Spider. Nina made a movie with a favourite song! Your voice is amazing Nina!

12 June 2015

MOTAT's mirror maze

Our trip to MOTAT was absolutely fabulous! Check out some of our stories about the mirror maze:

By Bradley

By Julia

02 June 2015

So many ideas for our class mural!

Class 24 is really excited about designing and painting a class mural this term. Watch this movie to see all our wonderful ideas! 

22 May 2015

Planning for an amazing classroom mural!

This term the inquiry focus is on making our Village an inspiring place to learn, create and share. Take a look at some of our ideas and plans 
for a stunning classroom mural!

We recorded our ideas:

We made drafts:
By Siosiua

We asked: What will it look like?
Robots by Tipi

Batman by Siakupenga

So many ideas and so little wall space!
This term is promising to be a lot of fun!
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