12 December 2014

Prize giving!

Yesterday was a very special day because we had 
prize giving assembly. 
Well done Jane for best effort!
 Well done Tonga for citizen!
 Well done Austin for academic promise!
  Well done Cree for academic promise!
 Well done Maddison for academic promise!
  Well done Jane for academic promise!
  Well done Class 23, you were ALL amazing!


Jane's Mum (Timmi) said...

WELL DONE RM 23!! Extremely proud of all of your hardwork. Special thanks to Miss Rapold for your dedication as a teacher and friend to our kids especially my very own Jane Manase. I wish you and the children of room 23 the very best for 2015!! Happy holidays everyone, please be safe and God Bless!!

Dorothy said...

What a clever class you are Class 23. I am so pleased you enjoyed your first prize giving. I thought your item for Mrs Jarman was lovely too on Friday afternoon.

Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Rapold. I have finally made my way onto the blogs hehe Thank you for a lovely year of hardwork and dedication for my Little Cree Cree. I hope your holiday was a good one! Ill come and visit now and then see how your doing or to just chat about random things. take care. all the best for the year.

love Cree and her mum. x

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