01 April 2014

My dog!

My dog Lexi was playing with me in my room and we were playing fetch. Then we played with my toys. At night Lexi sleeps in his kennel but he would like to sleep in my 
sisters room!

By Cree Ann


Khaia said...

Hi Cree,
I didn't know you had a dog named lexi. Well great job for that amazing story. Did you write that all bye your self?

Khaia said...
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Ms Eadie said...

Hi Cree-Ann what a beautiful story about your dog. My dog Neo sleeps on a blanket at the bottom of my bed. In the winter time when its cold she snuggles up really close and keeps me warm.

Alex said...

Wow All these pictures are good. whoever did them must have Talent!!!! Class 23

From Alex

Anonymous said...

hi Cree. mummy here. Great job on the writing. Do you really have a dog named Lexi? i would like to meet her one day :) love you. keep up the great writing. x

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