25 February 2014

Introducing Aaliyah

This is Aaliyah. She is busy practicing her writing.
Welcome Aaliyah!


Rockyv said...

Hello Aaliyah
Good job keep working on your writing and you can be like me and all the other seniors keep up the good work
Kind Regards Rocky

Jacob D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tyla-Marie W said...

Hey Aaliyah, Its great to see you're practising your writing at a young age. You look soo good at it. Keep up the good work.
From Tyla

Jacob D said...

Hi Aaliyah,

I think you practicing your writing is great, it is coming out magnificently.

Keep practicing and you will get better and better. :-)

korilee T said...

Hi Aaliyah

It is cool to writing to get better at writing you have to practice and practice and you will get better.

Lisia M said...

Greetings to Aaliyah,
Its good to see that you have started writing at such a young age. I can just tell that you will an awesome writer in the future. Hope to see more of your amazing work. Keep it up.

Jean (Aaliyah's mum) said...

wow awesome writing Aaliyah, you are doing really good with your letters, with lots of practice you will have it mastered in no time.

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