28 September 2012

Tivaevae pattern

This is my tivaevae pattern. My sister Loseli
showed me how to draw it.
By Amelia


enyahlee said...

Hi Amelia,

I love your piture that your sister showed you how to do it.I hope you post more movies,videos and pitures

APRIL said...

Hi Amelia

I like your photo because when I looked at it I almost blew myself away. Thats the best photo I ever looked at in my intire life.It looks really interesting.

Love from April.

lucy from Rm 12 said...

Hi Ameila nice work it looks awsome.I love the colurs it makes me happy.

Ronn said...

Hello Amelia that is one of my best pattern.I like the colurs you put on it.

taimana said...

hello amelia i really like the patterns and colours that you used in your picture hope to see more in hte future

louis said...

Hi amelia i really like the coulors and patterns you used

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