15 August 2012

Running with my friend

I am running with my friend Paikea.
We are practising for cross country.
By Lucy


Anonymous said...

Hi lucy I like your drawing its beautiful keep up the good work. Love you from mum, dad, sauma, tita and fale jr:)

Lana (Paikeas mum) said...

Hi Lucy, I like your picture you and Paikea look like your having fun

Anonymous said...

Hi lucy we love your drawing its really amazing ..can you draw us a picture so we can hang it in our livingroom .. you did an AWESOME job darling very good we are so proud of you !!!

love sana,isi mowbray,david,pauli,fale,sia,naita,so'o,ofa,cua.

paikea said...

i like your picture lucy and i like the flower on your picture

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