18 July 2012

Welcome to Term 3!

This term our school wide theme is:

In Room 3 will be learning lots of exciting things.
We will follow the London Olympics and focus on


Henrietta said...

Hi Room 3!!!
I am in Room 3 in Hastings as well.
We are learning about the Olympics too.
I miss you guys.
Love Henrietta

MenteA said...

To the Teacher of Room 3
I am excited to know that your class will follow the events in the coming London Olympics. I love the focus or theme your class chose.."How can I be a champion everyday?" because I think this is what kids should be learning today. I think you are doing a great job in steering the mindset of the kids in the right direction. I am a teacher too and I believe that more than teaching subject content- it is our primary job to teach our students how to be winners in life! I salute you in this endeavor.

Room 3 said...

Hi Henrietta!!
Thank you for your comment! We hope that you settled in well in your new class. We miss you too!
Lots of love from Room 3 xx

Room 3 teacher said...

Hi Mente
Thank you! And thank you for your comments, the children really enjoy reading them! Kind regards

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