09 November 2011

'O Le Pepe

Room 3 made this movie for the Film Festival 2011.
All Movies from the Manaiakalani Film Festival can be viewed here.


Vaitolose - St pius X said...

WOW,I really liked your movie, and my favorite part was when you guys stood in a circle and looked up. You made colourful, beautiful and creative butterflies. Everyone enjoyed it.

Ms Tito said...

Kia ora Room 3.
I loved your 'O Le Pepe' movie because it taught me some Samoan. Your purerehua (that's the Maori name for Butterfly) artwork was very impressive too. I hope your families watch this movie because I'm sure they would be VERY proud of you all. Tino pai to mahi (Great work!)
Arohanui (Lots of love)
Ms T x

Rebekah said...

WoW! Hi room3 good job on your amazing movie that you made it a really fantastic movie. well done you and be happy. good song.

Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Room 3

What a gorgeous movie! You all looked so beautiful and I loved the song. Your butterflies were colourful and beautiful and I loved how it looked like they were flying all around you. Well done!

Mrs Lagitupu

Chyna said...

Hi room 3 i like you song and the butterflies that you drew it was so colorful.I like the it when you sing the song and at the end.

vaifoa said...

Butterfly's, I really like them.But some times I tried to play with butterfly's but they keep on flying away from me. Did you found out hard when you did that movie!.

Mary said...

Kia ora room 3,

Great movie I love it. Your singing is excellent. I like how you drew your cute butterfly's,they look wonderful.
You know your movie looked hillerious.

Where did you find that song? What is it about? Room 3 keep up the fantastic work. From Mary room 13.

Chelsea said...

Hi Room 3,

You had a great movie and I like your butterflies that you drew. It was so cool. My favorite part was when the beautiful butterflies flew around you. It looked so cute!

Keep up the great work

Ms Hansell said...

Congratulations Room 3. Va'ai i le Pepe is one of my favourite songs. You made me smile all the way through your movie - it was SO good!!! (and sing too) Manaia le galuega! from Ms Hansell (Tamaki Primary)

Taeshell said...

Well done room 3, that was a great movie, you made me smile. I really liked your butterflies they were beautiful. :). FABULOUS.


romeo said...

what a cool movie and butterflys are beautiful

misimoa said...

nice video you really gave me something to think about taking care of my baby cousin.what was the hardest thing about doing the video.

P.S that is my cousin on the video.

Caprice said...

OMG I like this video so much. It makes me want to fly away. I feel like having a nap and having a cool as dream just like you. When I watched this cool video I thought of butterflys flying around me and it ws just so fun to watch. I liked the song as well. It went with the video. What was the hardest thing you had to work on this video???

Keleni said...

Wow that was an amazing Samoan song that was really a cool song to sing and I know the song since I was in kindergarten. The song is stuck in my head I can't stop singing it. Who was the boy in this movie?

Tamaki Primary School

Athena Vili said...

Hey Room 3,
I liked your movie it was so cute, I really enjoyed it

Taamai said...

i love it and i enjoyed it to keep the good work up room 3.

i cold sleep in class to and day dream and

the butterfly's are very pretty

keep it up room 3 keep it up.

Saadiya said...

Hi room 3

Yous are very talented. And I loved the song and the drawings of the butterfly.

From Saadiya

Katrina PES said...

Nice work room 3 you all put lots of effort in making thous butterflys paige pange i liked your butterfly and your classes as well...... by Katrina Alexander...xoxoxox

Raeleen said...

Hello Room 3 I really love your movie about Butterflies I love them. I love it how you guys work so hard on making it more fun.

Nice job room 3

Friend of room 3 said...

Fantastic video clip, cute children who are eager learners, and a song that compliments the butterfly :o)
Keep up the good work room 3 and Miss R.

Kyron said...

Man I miss those days!

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