03 August 2011

Snow at Pt England kindy!

Can you believe it, we had real snow at Point England Kindy! 
Snowmen are so much fun to draw!!!
We played in the snow at Point England Kindy. 
By Sive

I like the snow because it is slippery and cold.
By Charles
Yesterday we went to Point England Kindy to play in the snow.
By Russell
Me and my friend Carols were making a castle out of snow.
By Simon


Anonymous said...

Those are some Super Awesome snow people you have their guys. Sounds like you all had alot of Great Fun in the snow. I look forward to seeing more of your Great work =)

Xx Simons Mum =)

Hajira said...

Hi Simon.

I can see you had fun playing in the snow and what an awesome drawing you have done.
Keep up the great work!!!!

ps your an artist.


Sela said...

Hello Simon,

That was a great story about a snowman also I like the way you drew great art work keep it up Simon, I can't wait to here more.<3

From Sela your Cousin

Anonymous said...

Well done Simon! It must have been great fun building castles out of snow, with your friends. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the near future.

<3 Aunty Adah

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